Monday, October 19, 2009


peonfx our comrades from singapore send us their sticker!

so here it is!!
thanks a bunch peonfx~ wait for ours to return the favor!


  1. FuckFixedGearRulesNovember 2, 2009 at 2:35 AM

    how lucky peonfx got ppl advertise their community in malaysia :)

  2. its not advertising. its freindship value abroad retard!

  3. fixgear are same like My chemical romance, shuffler, lomo , its fuckin trend, bcoz everyone wanna looks cool, mcr, shuffle and lomo doesnt seems cool anymore, i wanna have a fixgear too! i wanna look cool! hey buddy! can i join u?

  4. FuckFixedGearRulesNovember 6, 2009 at 2:06 AM

    retard ? how come you show your community attitude
    like this -.- . ppl say the true thing-.-

  5. wow! hold on!

    ffgr, were not advertising, were just happy for the free stickers they gave us, and in hoping would return the favor by giving ours which hasn't been done yet! trading stuff is somewhat we treasure here. *anonymous is? who the fuck spam us wei!*

    ilhfx. heres the retard i think! hahahah
    if its a trend, why am a fren of mine has been doing his lomo for more than 4 years? and still strong? we dont wanna look cool, we just has more liking on fixed bike than shuffle, lomo, mcr*which some of us is still a big fan of*, etc2.

    ps* budak2 basikal tongkang pon ader minat mereka sendiri, budak2 rempit pon samer, tader plak nak join diorg kan?

    so, if u wanna join us to look cool, GO FUCK urself! but, if u wanna try fixed bike which may get u hook and healty, do give us a mail!

  6. bodoh!mcm budak sekolah! nak main fuck fuck org.budak sekolah sekarang pun dah pandai fikir.buat hal sendiri tak boleh ke?
    ada saja iri hati dengan orang kenapa?
    biarkan saja cara org tu.
    janji tidak mengganggu kita sudah lah.
    orang mcm FUCKFIXEDGEARRULES ni lah otak tidak akan berkembang sampai bila2.
    dorang ada duit nk bali basikal,nak main basikal,suka hati dia r.
    yang kau nk sibuk2 nk buat apa?
    nk fuck2 kenapa?
    ada guna duit kau?
    so xpayah nk fuck2 org dan iri hati dgn org lain ok.
    jaga diri sendiri sudah.

  7. fuckfixedgearrules ni racist!

  8. hello from jakarta...

  9. bro..aku baru nk menjebakkan diri dgn fixed gear bike nih..bile leh join korang nk menunggang basekal sama2...korang slalu nyaguh ari apa?