Friday, October 2, 2009

ride THUR!!

on the last friday october of 2009, we did a gruesome pedal works from UJONG PASIR to TG. BIDARA.
how far was it on google earth? 35km. technically, seems like 1 easy journey rite?

but hell we were FREAKING WRONG!! the terrain was like a journey to hell itself! hills were everywhere! damn it!

3 of us start the journey as early as 7 a.m and stop at a meeting point in PERINGIT to gather 4 more person and continue our ride at 8 a.m to KLEBANG for another meeting point with 4 more joining. so total bike is 11. 2 of em were on gear, and the rest is FIXED.

on the way to klebang we had our 1st punctured tyre, ADI was the victim AGAIN! with the problem solved, we had our breakfast at klebang beach and continue the FREAKING GRUESOME journey around 10 a.m

with the heat of an afternoon sun basking shoot trough our skin, hill cycling like SH*t! HELL is nearer than we tought...

we arrived at TG, BIDARA around 12. beach was awsome! hot though...

a couple of NAKED lads swim the beach(2 person to be spesific, more specific? JACKPOOT & PANJANG) (oh yeah, were not GAY ok lads?)

now the journey back! started around 4.30!

problem ; 1. 1 punctured tyre 3-4km before reaching klebang.
2. 1 cramp leg!

sollution ; 1. buses ride for the punctured tyre lads coz it was late and dark to change the tube.
2. live trough the cramp legs! GO YBEE!

the back journey was easier coz of the terrain was favored to down hill.

arived at klebang around 7 p.m!

arrived at UJONG PASIR around 9 p.m (NASIK AYAM problem, hehehe)

to sum it all up: distance - 90.75km! (either google earth lying or my computer fuked up?)
avg speed - 20.3kmh
max speed - 46.1
total time on bike - 4 hour 26 minutes 56 seconds!

hell yeah! eat that! hahaha. 30km ha? easy shit!!

last words. RIDE THUR~ hahahahahah!


  1. Hey guys! Great to see our brethren from across the border getting fixed too. Bila nak datang Singapura? Kita kayuh secara berjemaah! Amacam?
    Ride fast, ride safe!


  2. singapore? duit nak buat pasport takde. hahahahaha! duit buat pasport boleh beli 700c wei! hahaha~

  3. haaaahahahahaha....
    kena ride sampai jumpa emas ni beb...

  4. takya jumpe emas. jumpe frame colnago ker, ciooc ker, look ker, bianchi ker cukup ah. takpon aerospoke, takpon h.i.d. hahahahah

  5. wahhhh siap kire baper byk km korang kayuh ker . lor. aku hehari kayuh tak pernah plak check hahahaha

  6. btol gak vmf, aku pon hari2 kayuh pi keje, pi kelas, pi jahanam sume ade.. aku rasa tk terkira kot. baguih la anak muda harumonia ni. siap ada kiraan sume.. detail tuuu

  7. ape la gune teknologi. semua di hujung jari.

    details details people.

  8. best giler jalan jalan pegi pantai.. takmau tour kl ?? jalan selalu jamed kat sini.. bole merempit..

  9. da ride da kat kl. tapi takde la dari melaka ke kl berbasikal. masih tak mampu dari segi fizikal dan keadaan basikal.

    TRAFFIC was SUPERB in KL! wooowwee~ super mashh!! (rempit la tu) hehe