Wednesday, October 6, 2010


last year on October 2009 we went to TG. BIDARA beach...this year on 15th September 2010, we did a gruesome pedal works again..this time we start from Alai to far was it on google earth? its about 120km return.

our early assumption that it was an easy one. BUT hell we were FREAKING WRONG!! the terrain was like a journey to hell & back again itself! hills were everywhere! literally everywhere damnit!

the journey start at 5.30 a.m and stop at marini's house in Ayer Molek for prayer...the journey then continues with pitch black and assfrozing temperature...marini, the only girl who join us fight trough... two assistant was there driving ayie's car following us.. the legendary and epic PEN *its a car* was there again assisting us.

on the way to Jasin we had our 1st bike malfunction.. Syafaat crank went berserk and break! cant be repaired, Syafaat continue his journey by car.. more problem arose with 2 flat tires. solve it in a jiff.

at 8 a.m we have our breakfast in Jasin..nasik lemak and mee goreng was fucking delicious!! at 8.45 a.m we continue our journey to ASAHAN..more hills coming to make us angry..SHIT!! finally, at 12 p.m we have succeeded arrived to Asahan. the jungle made us carry our bike instead of cycling it.

the water was soothing to our cramped and stiff muscle, a few back flips and front flips made us forget the journey back..

and then at 3 p.m we continue our journey back home..with the heat of evening sun basking trough our skin, hill cycling was made impossible. SH*t! HELL is nearer than we tought... doomsday ahead maybe?

*thus ayie continue here describing the hellish tour*

cheating was made available by cruising with the car. long roads, steep hills, evening sun, wet shirts, sweaty palms, dehydration, over confident, and many more factors made the journey back more impossible.

with our stiff muscle, we fight trough it. we made a stop at KHOTTAL band mate house in jasin, since its on our way back, why not? mee goreng & fresh orange helps alot!

with dusk, we continued. arrived at marini's house exactly 7.30pm. and applauding her for the great job. continue for a short while to our end. farok's house around 8.

the total journey was about 124km.
8 hours of travel. 4 hour on bikes. averages of 30km/h.

and am about to brag *ayie* , I owned THIS FUKING TOUR BECAUSE I DONT CHEAT AND I DONT TURUN & TOLAK ASSHOLE! ahahahahahahhaha. ;)

cheers! FUK YEAH!

click here for more photos "ride thur trip to asahan"

ride thur trip to asahan (124km) from harufixed on Vimeo.

-noor azrie tahir-


  1. wish could join ur great adventure next time.
    time cuti sekolah nanti ek

  2. blue sky.. naisss :-D

  3. :) See you guys at TOS.

  4. hahahaha....pagi2 bute org lum masuk pejabat korang dah terpacak kat Jasin.....